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Bandomasis 10kl 2

Klausimas #1

Read the text about unusual sports. For questions 1–5, decide if each statement is correct or incorrect or there is no information in the text. If it is correct, choose the answer TRUE, if it is incorrect, choose the answer FALSE, if there is no information given in the text, choose the answer NOT GIVEN. There is an example (0).



0. In Sepak Takraw, the players cannot use their hands. TRUE

1. In Wife Carrying, the reward depends on how heavy your wife is.

2. In Cheese Rolling, the aim is to catch the rolling cheese.

3. Egg Throwing is a popular Easter game in England.

4. In Toe Wrestling, the players have to remove socks.

5. Musical Canine Freestyle is increasing in popularity.

Sepak Takraw. Native to Southeast Asia, sepak takraw is similar to what we know as volleyball. What’s unusual about it? Players can pass around the ball using anything except their hands or arms, and the game is played with a ball of dried palm leaves.

Wife Carrying. Wife carrying is a sport in which male competitors race to carry their wives through a field. At the North American Wife Carrying Championship, winners receive the prize of five times the wife’s weight in cash.

Cheese Rolling. Competitors take part in the annual event at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, U.K. Here’s how it works: a large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill, and competitors race after it. The goal is to be the first to reach the bottom of the hill, which means you win the cheese. It may not sound dangerous, but the steepness of the hill has resulted in several injuries.

Egg Throwing. According to the World Egg Throwing Federation, egg throwing “has been a sport enjoyed by millions of people since early humans discovered the delight of watching a failure of another to catch a tossed egg.” The best players have the opportunity to participate in the World Championship, in Swanton, the Eastern part of England.

Toe Wrestling. Perfectly summed up by its name, toe wrestling involves bare foot competitors going toeto-toe. The unusual sport dates back to 1976, when the Brits were looking to gain a world sports title. Rules are simple: with their socks off, two competitors lock their toes and try to press down their opponent’s foot.

Musical Canine Freestyle. Combining tricks, dance and skills training, musical canine freestyle is a sport where dogs and humans perform together. The sport is relatively new, but is on the rise, with competitions taking place worldwide.

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Klausimas #2

Read the text about Lionel Messi, a legendary football player. Write the correct answer (1–5) to complete the text. There is an example (0).


Lionel Messi is considered one of the greatest football players of all time, alongside legends such as Maradona and Pelé. Lionel (0)  B   born in Argentina, and as a child he had health problems and was so small that he was given growth hormones to help him develop. (1) ____ the age of 13, he moved to Spain after the football club Barcelona agreed to pay for his medical treatment. There he earned fame as one of the best players in history. In 2012, Lionel Messi set a record for most goals in a calendar year, and in 2016, he (2) ____ Europe's Ballon d'Or winner for the fifth time. Although he is quiet and private off the field, Messi has found ways to help others in need. He formed Leo Messi Foundation to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youths and help them to (3) ____ their dreams. Among other charity work, his collaboration with UNICEF stands out, when he was entitled as a goodwill ambassador, with a focus on (4) ____ for children’s rights across the globe. Recently it has been announced that the life of Messi will be the subject of a new circus show. Cirque du Soleil, a French-Canadian group of acrobats and performers, will produce a new show based on the career of the Barcelona superstar. The show will take (5) ____ inspiration from Messi’s talent and his achievement over 15 years.

0. A is                         B was             C has          D has been

1. A From                   B Since          C At             D During

2. A has been named B named        C names     D was named

3. A wish                    B realise        C believe     D fail

4. A fighting               B defending   C protecting D supporting

5. A his                      B its               C it’s             D this

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Klausimas #3

Read the text about Noah, a teenage volunteer. For questions 1–5, choose the correct answer. There is an example (0).


Noah McNair first volunteered when he was 7. He helped with his elementary school soccer program at a summer camp. He soon began coaching the local kindergarten team, together with his classmates from junior high school. He’s also served as a volunteer at his church, where he would sit with visiting kids. He was overjoyed to assist these kids with their art projects at a local summer camp. He was pleased to join a group that beautified the local park with paintings. The most impressive part is that he did all this before he turned 14. When asked about his favourite part of volunteering, Noah responds, “I love the smiles and the hugs.” When he was 14, Noah took on other projects. At his church campus, he noticed children crossing a busy street, so he volunteered to help control traffic. He also noticed that the Christian Youth Hostel next to the church could use extra help, so he offered to greet customers or wash windows. “There’s no point waiting for the time when you are less busy, you should see this as part of your daily life”, says Noah. When he moved to a new town, Noah was worried that he may not know where to serve and would have to give up his voluntary activities. He decided to reach out to his advisor, who recommended the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “I had to wait until I was 16 to start work for them and also complete several training classes,” says Noah, “So I found another project I could do in the meantime – helping the disabled to create arts.” Recently, Noah began helping senior people with Volunteers In Service To The Elderly (VISTE). “We deliver meals and groceries to remote villages, so work with VISTE requires good driving skills, but that’s not a problem for me.” says Noah. Noah has always been a communicative person who is interested in people around him. “I enjoy listening to stories from people who have lived a long life,” says Noah. “After I hand a senior person a meal and have a chat with them, I float back to my car. How could anyone not love this?” Next month Noah’s starting work on a promotional video for Volunteers In Service To The Elderly. “I want more people to find out about this organization and support it,” says Noah. Noah also hopes to sponsor an anti-bullying action of his school’s project called National Honour. “It is good to know I made a difference in someone's life,” says Noah. “The little time I took to do something meant changing the lives of many individuals who needed assistance that day.”

0. Noah started volunteering elementary school.  x junior high school. kindergarten. 

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Klausimas #4

Read the text about the benefits of reading comic books. For questions 1–5, choose from statements A–G the one which best summarises each paragraph. There is one extra statement which you do not need to use. There is an example (0).


A Many comic books have been made into films.
B Many comic stories teach us values.
C Reading comic books can enrich your language.
D Comic books help struggling students build self-belief.
E Comic books may improve your memory.
F Reading comic books is a good exercise for the brain.
G Comic books can help us learn to love reading.

0.    A     You must have heard about Spider-Man or the X-Men. You've probably even seen most of their movies. Did you know that the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Men in Black’ are also based on comic books? Let’s explore the benefits of comic books in detail.

1. ____ Lots of students who are struggling to improve their reading skills can benefit from the visual format of comic books. Research shows that comic books attract those readers who find other texts too challenging or boring. With their intense visual story and focus on characters, comic books are much more involving than other literature, such as novels or short stories, and cause a lot of interest. Besides, comic books are really good value for money!

2. ____ Comic book readers are made to create the meaning of the story from different elements. All the components of a comic book, such as language, images, special symbols, depend on each other and help the reader get the message of the story. Comic book readers also love video games for the same reason that they like comic books, but books require a more complex intellectual process, they can actually change the ways in which we think.

3. ____ Often comic books are seen as unhelpful for kids, but what most people don’t realise is that these books help us learn not only new language, but also positive messages: supporting others, doing one’s best, working as a team. For example, self-confident characters such as Superman or Spiderman remind us that there is always a way to overcome weakness, or give us motivation when we feel sad. The stories of the characters are so powerful that they stick in your memory forever.

4. ____ When people think of comic books, they focus on the images and don’t take into account the text and the number of sentences used on every page. Comic books provide a unique opportunity to learn a lot of new words, phrases and useful expressions in visual context, that is, extra information from pictures makes it easy to understand the new words and memorise them, so you can use them in the future.

5. ____ Comic books are usually short and easy-to-read. Therefore, they’re particularly useful for children with poor reading skills who may find it hard to finish a traditional book. When they complete a short comic book, they not only learn about human values or enrich their vocabulary, but, most importantly, they become proud of their personal achievement and feel highly positive about themselves.

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