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English articles (a, an, the) Exercise 2

Klausimas #1

Write in gaps: a, an, the, nothing
Robert and Jessica went to party last night.
Can you tell me how to get to cinema from here?
college is closed today.
Gregory is one of strangest people I know.
I recommend you try tomato soup at this restaurant.
beer is good for you.
Would you like to see film?
apple a day keeps doctor away.
I can't believe I failed yesterday's test!
Do you have dictionary that I can borrow?
There were many dogs in the park. One dog was Dalmatian.
Pandas and tigers are both endangered animals.
Magda is wearing blue dress with red shoes
Bornholm is island in the Baltic Sea.
Christmas comes once year.
owl is bird.
The Severn is river.
Jane went to the shop to buy bread.
Hania broke glass when she was washing-up.
Tom took umbrella as it was raining heavilly.
This is easy question.
Stephen could you speak   little louder.
May I have your phone number?
I have never seen UFO.
May I ask you question?
Astrid is best teacher in our school.
What is name of the next station?
My girlfriend has my car today.
I went to sea during my summer holiday.
Is there cash machine near here?
This is Joanna. She's doctor.
Simon is engineer.
That's Sandra. She's hairdresser.
Sean Connery is actor.
John is electrician.
Mr. Sańko is teacher.
This is Shirley. She's housewife.
That's Mark. He's police officer.
I'm student.
Kate Winslet is actress.

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