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Reading B2 Part 2

Klausimas #1

 Part II. You are going to read a magazine article. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (8-14). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.  (1 points for each question)
Jane Thomas, together with her husband Clive, returned to Britain after nearly 30 years of living abroad with wonderful memories ( ....9....)
Determined to use them rather than just keep them in a box or throw them out. Jane made a shell mirror for her bathroom. This was very much admired by friends and neighbours who came to visit her. (  ..4...... )
That was two years ago. Jane now runs her own small mirror-making business. She buys shells from all over the world through a wholesale company and has converted a spare bedroom in her house into an office-cum-studio. (  ...6.... ) .
A local carpenter makes frames for her and a glazier then fits the glass inside. Jane does everything else herself: the design, the initial painting of the frame and then the final making up. ( ....2.... )
Clive is a banker and was able to advise Jane on deciding how much money should be invested when she decided to set up the business. Around £ 3000 was spent on shells alone.
( ....5... ) Jane’s main problem was knowing how to market her work more widely.
Local shops could only sell a small number because once they had added their profit margin, the mirrors became rather expensive. However, Jane has now made contact with another company that makes and sells mirrors of a different type. ( ..1......) At such events, the right sort of people get to see the mirrors and can order them directly.
Venturing into other areas, Jane plans to approach restaurants and hotels directly as she thinks her mirrors might be attractive to them. She has also taken a website on the Internet. ( ...8....) It means Jane doesn’t have the expense of travelling around with her range of mirrors in the back of the car. .
Jane reckons it will take another year before her business starts to make money. ( .....7...) She would like to employ someone to help her with the administration and preparation of the frames, for example, which would allow her to devote more time to the artistic side. 

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