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Reading Physical education steps into the 21st century

Klausimas #1

 Reading 9 Read the article about a new sport. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose the most appropriate sentences (A–H) to complete the article. There are two extra sentences.

Physical education steps into the 21st century

 We all know that physical activity is important in our lives, not only to improve our health and strength but also our psychological well-being. To encourage all sorts of people, particularly teenagers, to participate more in sports and games and feel the benefits, sports companies are developing new games that can offer the challenge and excitement to motivate, while helping people get fitter. Many education departments believe that it’s important to bring this excitement into school sports as well. (1) …………… One way to do this is to introduce students to unusual, fun activities like ultimate frisbee and Zumba classes. These are already being taught in some schools and are very popular with students. World number one inline skater Jenna Downing says, ‘When I’m visiting schools in my role as an athlete mentor, one thing is clear – PE is changing, and it’s for the better. (2) …………… Today schools are offering a wide variety of sporting options to suit every taste’. After all, there’s no school rule that says we have to concentrate only on the more traditional sports! One new sport that’s proving extremely popular in schools now is Crazy Ball. This sport has been introduced into the PE curriculum to help teenagers get a really exciting and exhausting workout during their PE. lessons. It has been taken up by a lot of schools who feel that it’s the perfect sport to involve all the students in the class at the same time, even those who are usually less enthusiastic about PE. It’s a sport that anyone can play, at any level of ability. (3) …………… It can be played inside or outside depending on the season and it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. So what exactly is Crazy Ball? Essentially it’s a game played by two people on a court with nets at either end. These small rectangular nets sit on the floor at each end of the court, like hockey nets. They are double-sided and one side is called the “crazy” side. The idea is that when the ball hits the crazy side of the net it rebounds in an unpredictable way. (4) ……………………… They have to really stay focused and be ready to move fast to hit the ball wherever it goes. The game started as a training activity for other sports and is played by top athletes around the world to improve their reaction times. (5) …………… It can also be played with four nets and two teams of two players in the court. In this version everyone is active all of the time because two balls are constantly flying around! (6) …………… Jake Williams, a PE teacher at Stonecove secondary school in Wales, says of the game, ‘It’s the most popular game we’ve ever introduced into our PE lessons. The kids love it because it’s fast and fun and easy to learn. The teachers love it because it gets all kids participating and moving – no-one gets to sit on the sidelines in Crazy Ball!’.

A However, there were also a lot who weren’t really interested.

B We need to encourage students to participate as much as possible in sports and to achieve this we need to make sure they really enjoy them.

 C This is because Crazy Ball is particularly good for developing excellent hand-to-eye coordination.

 D It’s unaffected by the weather too.

 E The days are gone when traditional sports were the only option.

 F It never goes where you think it will, so players have to react quickly.

 G Having four players on the court means more people can play at the same time, making it an ideal activity for large classes.

H It looks like it will be the most popular school sport for the next decade

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