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Reading skills - CHARLES DREW

Klausimas #1

Read this newspaper article and complete its summary below.

     When people give blood to hospitals or to the Red Cross, do you know what happens to it? It is bottled and stored in something called a blood bank. When someone has lost blood and needs some quickly doctors can often go to a blood bank and get the right type of blood in a matter of minutes.
     Dr. Charles Drew, an American Negro, was the first expert in the field of storing or 'banking' blood. His discoveries and research helped save thousands of lives, especially during World War II.
     Charles Drew was born in Washington, D.C, in 1904. In school, he was more than just an outstanding scholar. At Amherst College in Massachusetts, he was star halfback on the football team and also captain of the track team. When he graduated, he received a trophy for bringing honor to the school in his four years there.
     After getting his medical degrees, Charles Drew became a teacher at Howard University in Washington. While he was there, he wrote a paper which made him world famous as a pioneer in blood research. The paper, 'Banked Blood', caught the attention of the British government, and soon afterwards he was asked to set up the first blood bank in England. It was such a success that later, during World War II, Dr. Drew was appointed director of the American Red Cross blood donor project. Under Charles Drew's guidance the blood donor project saved many hundreds of lives that otherwise would have been lost on the battlefields.
     Before Dr. Drew died in 1950, he received a fitting tribute from his countrymen - the 1943 Spingarn Award for the highest achievement by an American Negro. 

Fill in the gaps with proper words that suit the content of the text. The words should not be necessarily taken from the text. Use one or two words only.


     You probably know that blood given by donors is stored and kept in . The first scientist to make research in the field of storing blood was Dr. Charles Drew.
     He was in America, in 1904. As a student he was not only a good learner but also a successful .
    Charles Drew started his career at Howard University in Washington. He became famous after writing a paper on and afterwards he was asked by the to establish the first blood bank in Britain. During World War II Charles Drew directed blood donor project which a lot of lives.
     In 1943 he the Spingarn Award.

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