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Reading skills - CHINESE VASE

Klausimas #1


     When I was a child I loved visiting my grandmother. I thought her house was as beautiful as a palace and the garden seemed bigger than a park.

     As I grew older the house and garden seemed smaller, but I still loved visiting the old lady. There were so many lovely things to look at in the house.

     Sometimes I played with the doll's house which was older than Grandmother herself, at other times I looked at books which were lovelier and more interesting than my children's books at home.

     I loved her paintings and the old clock, but most of all I loved a big Chinese vase which stood in the hall. It was taller than me, and I couldn't see inside it I walked round and round it looking at the beautiful ladies and the birds and flowers and trees, and Grandmother often told me stories about these ladies. She said that her grandfather had brought the vase with him when he returned from a long voyage to China.

     When I married I took my sons to visk their great grandmother. They were not as interested as l was in the beautiful books and vase. They found comics as attractive as old paintings and pop numc more exciting than the old dock. They preferred playing football in the garden.

     We live in a modern house, and I'm afraid my husband and I often nag at the children. "Don't make the new carpet dirty, Paul! "Be careful with new table, Philip!''

     Before she died, Grandmother gave me the vase I loved so much. It looked beautiful in our modern hall.

     One day I came home from the shops. The boys met me at the door. "I'm as strong as George Bes, Mummy", said Paul "I got a goal and broke the vase".

     Philip tried to be more diplomatic than Paul. "It doesn't really matter, does it? You told us it wasn't new. You aren't cross, are you?"


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