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Reading skills - CHLON

Klausimas #1


     Rensburg sat near the fire. His supper was almost ready. It was night and he was alone in the field Rensburg was a rich man, he had a big house and many sheep. He was fifty-five years old, but he had a very good health and he was happy. He lived like a king.
     He often went out to the field to look at his sheep and met the night in the field
     'I'lll sleep near the fire tonight", he thought, "and I'll go home early in the morning".
     He suddenly heard a little noise behind. He began to look around. Then he stood up and waited.
    In a few moments two people came near the fire: a boy and a girl. They moved slowly and with great difficulty. Suddenly the girl fell down but the boy came nearer to the fire.     Rensburg could see him quite clearly now. He was a Negro and he was about fifteen years old.
     "Those Negroes are not people", Rensburg thought, "this boy is like an animal".
     The boy was so tired that he could not stand on his feet. He fell down. Rensburg came up to him and looked him over. When he threw some water over the boy, the Negro slowly opened his eyes. Then the boy drank some water and stood up. He sbwfy walked to the girl who by on the ground. He came up to her and took her in his arms. Thm he carried her to the fire.
     Rensburg thought quickly what he was going to do with the two Negroes. He could take them to his house and put them to work for him. There was always much work in the house. But now they were hungry and he had to give titan some food. He cut off two pieces of meat and put them into the fire.
     The girl was better now and sat near the fire. The boy took the meat from the fire and gave it to the girl. Then he brought her some water. He looked at her as she ate.
     "Now they look more like people", Rensburg thought, "yes, they are very much like other people".
      He watched the two young Negroes as they lay down to sleep. Everything was quiet around.
      Next morning Rensburg went home together with his Negroes. He rode his horse and they walked before him. In the evening they came to his big house. 
     Rensburg gave the girl the name of Ann and he called the boy Chlon Ann worked hard in the house from morning till late at night Chlon looked after the sheep in the field They     worked hard but their food was very poor. Rensburg did not give them any meat which they needed so much. Now when Chlon was in the field he killed birds to get meat for Ann and himself. But it often happened that he could not find any birds and he and Ann were hungry all day long Chlon knew that he had to do something about it.

(After S.Cloete)

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