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Klausimas #1

     Suddenly he came upon something that made him slow down his speed. It was a huge stone overhanging the path, and Jim saw possibilities in the situation. He stopped for a moment and looked back over the field. The afternoon sun threw long shadows, but it was easy enough to see the Ruum still rolling towards Jim. He watched the thing with worry.     Everything depended on his correct observation. He was right! The Ruum followed the man's steps. That fact meant much, but Irwin had no more than twelve minutes to carry out his plan. Irwin walked directly under the stone. After going by it for about three metres, he walked backwards and then jumped off from his own path to a place behind the overhanging stone. Taking out his large knife, he began digging at the base of the stone. Every few moments he tried pushing it with his body. At last it gave a little.
     Now he watched the grey sphere moving towards him, with his heart beating wildly. Following his path, the Ruum passed directly under the great stone. As it did so, Irwin gave a wild cry and, pushing the huge rock with his body, made it drop down on the Ruum. Five tons of stone fell from a height of four metres. Jim got down. He stood there looking at the huge stone.
     "Hah! There is the end of you!" he shouted happily.
     Then he jumped back, his eyes wild. The giant stone was moving. Even as he looked a grey rod appeared from under the stone. With a shout, Jim Irwin started running again. He ran a full mile. Then finally, he stopped and looked back. He could just notice a dark shadow moving away from the fallen stone. It made its progress as slowly as before, and in his direction
     Irwin sat down heavily, putting his head in his hands. But his inaction did not last long. After all, he had again left the strange sphere behind. He had twenty minutes at his disposal. Lying down, he took the emergency packet from his pocket, and quickly made a meal. He drank some cold water from a river, and he was ready to go on with his fantastic struggle. When the Ruum was still some ten minutes away, Jim Irwin ran off, feeling his usual strength.
      After naming for fifteen minutes, he came to a huge rock about ten metres high. If Jim could get to the top of this rock, the Ruum would have to go round and round and that would give him some more time. He baked up at the sun. Huge and red, it was quite near the horizon. He would have to move fast. Irwin was no climber but he did know the technique. Using every roughness and small ledge, he found his way up. He had just reached the top when the Ruum rolled up to the base of the rock. Jim knew very well that he ought to leave at once, taking advantage of the few remaining moments of daylight. Every second was of great value. But he was just curious, so he waited. He told himself that the very moment the Ruum began to go round the rock, he would get out of there all the faster. Besides the ball might even stop following him and he could sleep right there.

(After A.Porges)

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