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Klausimas #1

Read the text and complete its summary below.

     Is football still a man's game? Although it is played and watched by women all over Europe, women's football is an essentially amateur's game. It does not command the same money or media attention as the professional European football. Natasha Jacoby profiles Karren Brady, managing director of Birmingham City Football Club.

     Football is a religion for many people. It also exists within a proudly male-dominated world. Originally played by boys in British public schools, it became more and more popular throughout the 19th century. Now it's a national obsession for millions of fans all over the world. Birmingham City Football Club has a proud tradition. It's over 120 years old. Like most football clubs, it was owned, controlled and managed by men. Until 1993 when Karren Brady, a 25-year-old former marketing executive, was appointed as managing director of Birmingham City. There was shock and amusement from City supporters and from the club's rivals, Aston Villa. The person who selected her was the club's new owner, David Sullivan. Sullivan is the wealthy publisher of the controversial Sport newspapers. Brady used to work for these papers and Sullivan always regarded her as a clever person.
     During the first few months in her new position, Brady made some radical and ruthless changes. Her first action was to change the club's strip* to a traditional and simple blue and white. When she herself appeared in the evening paper wearing one of the new T-shirts, they sold out within a day! Next, she sacked all but two members of staff, because in her view they were not performing properly. She also abolished some of the old rules, that made no sense to her. These included making all the employees, including the players, queue every Wednesday morning all the way down the stairs at the club's headquarters, and into the reception area in order to receive their pay. At first she thought it was the fire drill!
     Karren Brady, now 27, is renowned for her willingness to work long hours for Birmingham City. But hard work does not always mean immediate success. Unfortunately, the team was relegated to the Second Division in the 93-94 season. Brady and all the Birmingham City fans were heartbroken.
     Luckily, with its Managing Director behind it, the club moved to the top of the Second Division in 94-95. It entered the First Division again this season. Brady must be proud of this success and very optimistic for the future of the club.
     Karren Brady has succeeded where many others have failed. She's broken into a male-dominated sport and achieved commercial success. Yet football still has a long way to go. How long will it be before we see women managing major soccer teams, playing professional football or owning big clubs?
strip - football team's clothes
Fill in the gaps in the summary with suitable words or word combinations. The words must not necessarily be taken from the text.


     Karren Brady has got an unusual job. She is a  of a football club. Before that she used to work as a .
When she started her career in football, both the supporters and the rivals were .
     But she was recommended to this post by , a rich publisher, who thought that she was very ..
     Karren Brady made quite a few changes in the club. First of all she changed the players' . Then she tne staff who were
not working well enough. She also changed the way of paying staff's and players' salaries. They don't have to for their pay any more.
    Karren Brady is as a hard working woman. However, it does not mean that she is always . The team had several failures in 93-94 season but played very well in 94-95. This success made Karren Brady and .
     Thus, Karren Brady achieved success in the sport which had been controlled by . Will they admit women to other areas?

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