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Klausimas #1

Read the text and complete its summary below.


Scuba* diving

     Forget diving for coins at the bottom of a pool. Cancel going to the aquarium. Learn to scuba dive and discover a new world. I did a diving course and this is what I thought.
     I had always wanted to be able to hold my breath under water longer than 45 seconds. Therefore, when the instructor said that there was enough air in my tank to stay under water for about 45 minutes, I was really happy.
     Before we were allowed to dive in the sea, we had to learn how to use the equipment in a swimming pool. It was brilliant. We sat at the bottom of a pool, practising hand signals. We also learnt what you are supposed to do if you do not have enough air in your air tank (apart from panic).
     A few days later, I took one step off the boat and was surrounded by fish. Thousands of them in all shapes and sizes. They either ignored us or stared us in the face. They did not swim away. The sensation of being under the water was incredible too. Sounds travel further and objects appear bigger and closer then they are. Fish and plants are not the only things you can see. In many locations, you can visit old ships that have sunk to the bottom of the sea.
     'I was starting to think that maybe scuba divers were mad.'
     I thought it was strange when the instructor said, 'Most divers want to see a shark.' I thought he was joking but he insisted that seeing a shark is one of the most interesting sights for divers. I was starting to think that maybe scuba divers were mad. Then he said that he new a couple who had got married under water and I definitely believed scuba divers were mad. However after I had done more diving, I realised that scuba divers were not mad. It's just that the experience of being underwater is great! 

scuba - akvalangas

Fill in the gaps with proper words that suit the content of the text. The words should not be necessarily taken from the text. Use one or two words only.


     I was very happy when the instructor told me that I would be able to stay under water for more than 45 .
     But before I could do scuba diving in the sea I was taught how to use the equipment and send hand in a . I was also taught what to do when the air tank was short of .
     Some days later I dived into the and thousands of  surrounded me. They did not pay any to me. I  being under water very much. One can see a lot of different things there: fish, , and .
     When the instructor told me that most divers want to see a  , or that one couple was under water, I thought they were all . But after a while I understood that scuba divers were not  because diving in the sea was .

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