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Klausimas #1


     He was very tired. When had he slept last? He felt pain in his whole body. Now that he lay down he was afraid he might fall asleep. Fall asleep, no! If he slept now, Jim Irwin would certainly become part of the Ruum's horrible collection. He looked down at his pistol. If the Ruum wasn't stopped by the explosion, there would still be time to shoot himself. He looked out at the box of dynamite. He was certain the Ruum would be destroyed. He felt happier and looked around.
     Suddenly he cried out in surprise. A huge bear was slowly approaching the box of dynamite. He walked round the box and then looked at the corning sphere which was now only some thirteen metres away. Jim Irwin smiled. Before meeting the Ruum the North-American bear was the only thing in the world he had been afraid of. And now he watched the two greatest enemies of his.
     About two metres from the bear, the Ruum stopped. The bear arose on his hand legs. His great teeth flashed white against red lips. The Ruum was not interested in the bear and started to roll past. The bear rushed at it in anger. His mighty foot struck at the Ruum. The Ruum was pushed back several steps. It stopped just for a moment and moved on. But the giant animal would not go back. Moving fast, the bear turned round and put the huge arms round the sphere. Irwin half rose as he watched the fight with interest.
     "Don't let it go!" he shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of bright metal. The great bear cried with pain and fell on the ground. Jmt saw the sphere roll forward.
     Jim raised his pistol and fired at the dynamite. The sound came first. Then giant hands lifted Jim's body from where he lay, then let go. He came down, he was sick, but he didn't care. He realized that there was silence. He looked around and saw a huge smoking hole in the earth. He also saw the Ruum. It was under a tall tree, some ten steps away, and it looked grey-white as it was covered with powdered rock.
     Even as Jim watched the sphere rolled towards him. He reached for his pistol. It was gone. He had dropped it somewhere. The Ruum was less than a metre away now and Jim closed his eyes. He felt cool metallic rods touch and lift his body and turn it this way and that. He knew that was the end. The yellow face of the dinosaur with one eye half-open stood before his eyes ...

(After A.Porges)

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