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Reading skills - MARIE CURIE

Klausimas #1

      Madam Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1867. Her name was Marie Sklodowska. Her mother died when she was a child, so she was brought up by her father, who was a teacher of physics and mathematics.
     At a time when most girls are playing with their dolls, Marie was helping her father with his experiments. Each day after school was over she would hurry back to her father's workshop where she loved to dream of new discoveries.
     When she was sixteen, she graduated from a junior College with high honours. She had hoped to teach in the schools of Warshaw, but since there were no positions open, she became a governess.
     After several years she returned to Warsaw. She wanted to obtain a better education, so she went to Paris to enter the university. There she could study chemistry. But she needed money to live in Paris, so she looked for work in a laboratory.
     Day after day she called on various scientists. Everywhere she went, she was told, "Science is a man's work. A laboratory is no place for a woman." Why don't you try housework or making hats?"
    Marie was determined that she would find work in a laboratory and continued her search. At last she was successful. Professor Gabriel Lippman, who worked in the Research Laboratories at the Sorbonne University, felt sorry for the girl. He told her that he would give her a chance. He wanted to see what she could do.
     Marie started at once to clean the laboratory and wash and scour the utensils. The professor was delighted with the result and soon had her helping him with some of his experiments. At the same time, she studied chemistry at the university from which she graduated two years later with high honours.
     Marie became great friends with one of Lippman's students, named Pierre Curie. They were married soon after.
    Marie and Pierre were very happy. They continued to work together in the laboratory. At that time professor Henry Becquerel had discovered that uranium gave off special rays like rays of light. The Curies were interested to find out more about these rays and what caused them.

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