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Reading skills - NIAGARA FALLS

Klausimas #1

     Niagara is an Indian word which means "roaring waters". Indeed, the roar of the Niagara falling waters can be heard within a distance of 25 kms. Imagine a mass of water flowing over a cliff 90 feet high and you will get an idea of that terrible noise.
     And what tremendous power the Niagara has! It moves big rocks about and throws them into the boiling waters below.
Some time ago an old ship without a single person on board was put in mid-stream. It sailed down the river like a toy boat with great speed. Having reached the fall, the ship dropped into the boiling waters, never to sppear again.
     There were some people who wanted to become famous by swimming across the most dangerous part of the Niagara River. One of them was captain Webb. His having said that he would try to swim across the Niagara drew crowds of people. On the evening of July 24th, 1883, Captain Webb came up to the river and took a plunge. His having jumped into the water filled many people with horror. Soon, however, he appeared in the middle of the river. A Ioud shout went up from the crowd, but a moment later there was a dead silence. The man had disappeared under the water. Thousands of eyes were fixed on the river, but the man was drowned.
     In 1902, a certain Miss Taylor decided to go over the falls in a barrel. There were different kinds of pillows inside the barrel to prevent being hurt. Having examined the barrel carefully, Miss Taylor got in. The barrel was closed and then thrown into the river. Having reached the falls, it overturned and was shot down by the terrible force of the water. When the barrel was finally caught and opened Miss Taylor came out alive but with a frightened look in her eyes.
     Once a crowd of visitors saw a rope being put over from one bank of the river to the other. Then they saw a man step out onto the rope. The man was an actor, Blondin by name. He managed to cross Niagara Fall on a tight rope. The people on the bank were surprised at his having done it so well.

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