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Reading skills - NORTHAMPTON

Klausimas #1

Read the text and complete its summary below.

Classes of Choice

     Northampton High School was established in 1865. In 1895, there were 471 students at the school. Today, there are more than 800 students attending the school. Many things have changed since its first years.
     To graduate, students must pass four years of English, two years of Social Studies, including American History, two years of mathematics, and two years of science. Most classes are worth four credits but some are worth two or six. Students must earn a total of eighty-four credits to graduate, or an average of twenty-one classes.
     Besides the required subjects above, students must also choose eight electives. Several subjects are offered: Home Economics, which includes cooking, sewing and home finances; Industrial Arts, which includes things like woodwork, metal shop and graphic design; foreign languages, including French, Spanish, German or Latin; music, both vocal and instrumental; art; and a variety of business courses.
     There are also bilingual courses available for students whose first language is not English. These are helpful to the Asian, Hispanic and exchange students who make up a growing fraction of the school population.
     For some academic classes, you have to spend time outside of the regular class time. Being in the chorale or the band, either the marching band or the concert band, requires extra preparation for concerts, performances and competitions. Another class that requires extra time, called Peer Education, teaches students how to educate junior high school and elementary school children about drugs and alcohol.
    Beyond academics, there is a wide variety of school sponsored activities. The most popular are interscholastic sports, like soccer, football, field hockey, basketball, swimming, baseball, and track and field. Northampton teams play teams from schools in the area, and enter tournaments with teams from all over the state. The school's team name is the Blue Devils and a grinning blue devil's face appears in the gym and on the playing fields!
     Another popular extracurricular activity is the annual musical. Recent performances have been of Fiddler on the Roof and Guys and Dolls. The musicals involve many students and attract audiences from the entire town.
     Northampton students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have parents that are professors at local colleges, while others are immigrants from countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. There are exchange students from Japan, Mexico, Paraguay and various European countries. Even with these differences, everyone contributes to the school.
     The school is academically strong, but does not put too much emphasis on grades. It is a good balance between fun and learning. It prepares students for work or college, depending on the courses you take. We think Northampton High offers one of the better high school educations in the area!
Fill in the gaps in the summary with the proper words that suit the content of the text. The words should not necessarily be taken from the text. Use one or two words only.


     Northampton school perfectly combines its past experience with modern attitudes to teaching.
     Established in 1865, the school has nearly twice in the last hundred years. Students from different study here.
    The school provides a wide of subjects. Apart from compulsory subjects, which require  credits for finishing school, students can also select options.
     Those whose mother tongue is not English can attend . Exchange students, who have been  in number, make good use of them.
     Some subjects, like playing or singing, require additional . and . There is also a class in which students are how to deal with younger students and their problems. This type of teaching is known as .
     Northampton students go in for sports too. The most popular are the games that give an opportunity to compete with  from other schools. The team's symbol is a .
     Students are also keen on musicals, which take place every . People from the come to see them.
     Though Northampton students are of different nationalities and social origin, they all to the school's well-being.
     The school is considered to be one of the best in the  since it trains both for  and without overestimating the importance of .

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