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Klausimas #1


     Jake, a seven-year-old labrador, is a sniffer dog. He is a police dog that uses his sense of smell to find drugs at ports and airports. However, last year, some people stole him from his owner's house. It is possible that the reason for the 'kidnap' was that drug smugglers did not want Jake to be at the airport when they smuggled* drugs.
     Jake was extremely good at his job. He had already found drugs worth six million pounds. Jake was part of an important team of sniffer dogs therefore the police spent a lot of time trying to find him. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. After two days the police found Jake and he was not hurt. Unfortunately, the people who stole him escaped.
Hollywood Stars

     Of course, your pet does not have to join the police force to become a hero; if your pet rabbit is as hairy as Silvestre Stallone or dreams of being Rembo, send him to Hollywood.
     The film Fluke with Matthew Modine used hundreds of cats, dogs, pigeons, rats, rabbits and a chimpanzee. In the film, a dog frees all the animals in a laboratory and they run across the grass. The scene in the film shows hundreds of animals escaping through the laboratory window. It might not surprise you to know that this scene took a long time to film. 
     So, what went wrong? Firstly, one of the pigeons flew towards a closed window. Then, though the rabbits ran quickly out of the window, they all stopped running to eat the grass. Then, the rats got tired and fell asleep. Then, the dog that chimpanzee was carrying, jumped out of chimpanzee's arms.
     Small dogs are the most difficult to use because they 'yap'. The animals that are the easiest to use in films are pigs. They are very intelligent and will do anything for food. The only problem is that they get fat very quickly. Sometimes, directors have to use more than thirty pigs for the same role in a film. However, not all animals behave as well as pigs. The tame wolf in Jungle Book spent a lot of time trying to pull off Jason Scott Lee's costume. 
     Hollywood tries to make sure that the animals stay happy and healthy during filming. During the filming of The Return Of Batman the only stars that had air-conditioning in their dressing room were the four hundred penguins that were in the film. However, they were probably the only stars that did not insist* on a limousine taking them home!

Smuggle - get (goods) illegally into or out of a country; insist -demand, require.

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