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Reading skills - ROUGH JUSTICE?

Klausimas #1


Can time stop crime?

     It's possible that there will be a new law in some states of the U.S. It says that some people under the age of seventeen mustn't be outside their houses after 11 pm. If they have to go somewhere after 11 pm they will either need to be with someone over the age of eighteen, or have a good reason. Young people will have to pay a fine if the police see them in the street after 11 pm.
     Why do some states want to introduce this law? Because many states are worried about gang violence. Most people won't be able to pay the fines.
     Many people say that this law is neither fair nor possible. Others believe that the law will reduce crime and is a good idea.

Angels in the street?

     An idea which was successful in New York was having groups of vigilantes. These are groups of people who patrol trains, parks and roads. They are ordinary people who dress in uniforms and try to stop crime. Some people feel safe when there are vigilantes in the streets. In areas where there are "Guardian angels", there is less crime.
     However, a lot of people think that the vigilantes are only interested in power. Many people believe that they are people who like fighting and wearing uniforms.

Which statements are true (YES) and which are false (NO)?

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