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Reading skills - THAT FOOLISH DOG

Klausimas #1


     Dave Regan, Jim Benfiey and Andy Page looked for gold in Stony Creek. They worked with dynamite sticks which they put into holes in the ground and then blew up. There was a small river near their camp with much fish in it. All of them liked fish and tried to catch it when they had time. Once Dave had an idea: to kill fish with the help of dynamite. And he began to make a dynamite stick which was larger than the sticks they blew up every day. ,
     They had a dog, a large black dog. His name was Tommy. He was their best friend and he was always with them. If they threw a thing away Tommy always brought it back and put it at their feet. Once they threw away a dead cat and Tommy brought it back. He was a foolish dog but they liked him all the same and often took him with them to the river.
     That morning the dog watched Andy who was busy with his dynamite stick. Dave and Jim were at work in the field and Andy was on duty at the fire. When the dynamite slide was ready Andy put it on the ground near the tent and began to prepare dinner. Soon Dave and Jim came to have dinner and Tommy was with them. As the men sat down round the fire Tommy ran about their little camp.
     Suddenly Dave heard a Hide noise behind him, he looked round and saw something that frigfttened him. Their dog Tommy stood near them with the dyruimite stick between his teeth and the end of the fuse was burning fast.
     "I know what happened then", Dave told his friends later, "the foolish dog found the dynamite stick near the tent and decided to bring it to us at once. As he came near the fire the end of the fuse got into the fire and began to burn".
     As soon as Dave saw the dog he started to run away. Jim Bentley also turned round and then ran after Dave.
    "Run, Andy, run!" they shouted to their friend who stayed at the fire. 'Look round, you fool!"
    Andy looked round and saw Tommy with the dynamite stick in his mouth. Andy's legs began to move before he could think of anything. He followed Dave and Jim and the dog followed them. Tommy jumped about as he ran: he thought that all this was some game and he liked it.
     Dave and Tim shouted to Andy as they ran, "Don't run after us! Don't run after us, you fool!"
    But Andy ran after them. Not one of them knew why they followed each other. But the fact was that Dave came behind Jim, Andy came behind Dave and the dog ran after Andy and the fuse was burning fast. Andy tried to strike the dog, but Tommy was too quick for him. Then he threw some stones and sticks at the dog and continued to run. It seemed that Tommy understood his mistake: he left Andy but began to follow Dave. As soon as Dave saw the danger he ran up to the dog, caught it, took the dynamite stick from his mouth and threw it away. Tommy then knew what he must do. He ran after the dynamite stick, took it between his teech and followed Jim.

(After H.Lawson)

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