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Klausimas #1

Read the text and its summary below. Fill in the gaps in the summary with proper words.


     What a long, long night it was for Louis. He tossed and turned, and coughed and coughed. He lay with his black eyes wide open. He had been ill such a long time, and through so many winters. If only he could go to sleep. If only the morning would come.
     The lamp burned dimly in his room. He liked his little lamp. It was like a lighthouse in the night.
     'Lou,' said Cummie, his nurse, softly, 'would you like to sit up for a while?'
     'Yes, please,' he answered.
     She wrapped a blanket round him, and lifted him up in her arms. He was such a small boy, so very thin and pale. She carried him to the window, and drew back the curtain, so that he could see out in the darkness. The grey houses stood silent all the way down the road.
     Everything was quiet. Most other children were fast asleep and dreaming, but Louis was still awake.
     'Look,' said Cummie. 'There's a window with a light in it.'
     'Where?' asked Louis. He leaned forward and looked, as she pointed down the street.
     'You see,' she said kindly. 'Perhaps there's another little boy who is * ill like you. Perhaps he is sitting up with his nurse, waiting, like us, for morning.'
     'Yes,' nodded Louis, and he felt happier. Cummie put him back to bed, and propped him up against the pillows.
     'Read to me, please, Cummie,' he said. 'Read to me.'
     So Cummie opened a book. She showed him the pictures, and he smiled, and pointed to the parts he liked best. She read a story to him -then another, and another, through the hours, but still he did not go to sleep. The night was so long, so very, very long.
     'Listen,' said Cummie suddenly, and Louis listened. He heard the sound of wooden wheels and horses' feet. He heard shouts and laughter and whips cracking.
     'Oh, the carts!' he exclaimed smiling. 'The country carts are coming to town. That means it's morning, Cummie, doesn't it?'
     'Yes,' she replied. 'It will soon be light now.'

     The story is about Louis, a small, thin boy who has been  for many years. He is coughing and tossing in his bed because he can not at night. The nurse puts a round the boy's shoul-ders and him to the window. He can see a road and a bright in one of the houses. The tells him that perhaps another boy is also for the morning to come and the thought makes Louis
     The boy asks the nurse to read him a story and she reads till when he hears the sound of carts to town.

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