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Reading skills - THE DOG AND MYSELF

Klausimas #1

Read the text and answer the questions. 

     It was in 1901. I had been in the Philippines for some time and was coming home. I missed my boat and decided to travel on an old ship.
     I knew that it would not be a comfortable journey but I had no time to wait for another boat
    Hardly had we left the port when I saw the dog for the first time. His name was Gulliver, and he was the captain's favourite dog. What a big dog it was! I had never seen one that could frighten me so much. But we were in the open sea and there was no turning back. I was sorry not to have taken a gun with me. But soon I managed to borrow one from a sailor and always had it about me, even when I went to bed.
     On the third day I heard a terrible noise and saw that the ship had caught fire. She was dry and burned fast.  
     Nobody tried to put out the fire. The ship began sinking and all the men rushed to the boats.
     I saw no chance of getting away in a boat. Suddenly I remembered that there was a life-raft on the ship. I had no time to lose so I immediately rushed towards the raft and pushed it overboard.
     In jumping down onto the raft I hurt myself badly and was unconscious for some time. When I came to myself, I looked about me. The sea was calm. There was no sign of a life-boat. Every man who had been on board the ship at the time must have gone down with her. I was the only one who was saved.
     Then I saw something that frightened me very much. The big head of Gulliver was coming fast towards me through the water. The dog must have jumpedfrom the ship before she sank. I was glad not to have forgotten my gun and I drew it at once. But it was wet and I could not use it.
     Soon Gulliver reached the raft He struggled a long time before he managed to get onto it I wanted to push him back into the water but did not dare to move. The dog shook himself, went to the other end of the raft and lay down,
     I did not dare to sleep that night I did not understand dogs and felt that I must watch him. In the moonlight I could see that his eyes were open Gulliver was watching, too.
     I spent a night that I'd never forget. I must have fallen asleep towards morning, for when I woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. As I was having my breakfast, I could see that the eyes of the dog were fixed on the bread I was eating "He must be hungry", I thought. '1 had better give him some". And I threw him a piece of bread At first he would not touch it. He only lay there and watched me. 
(After W.Dyer)

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