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Klausimas #1


     Is it possible for twins to have a supernatural bond? Can they really know what their sibling is thinking and feeling, even when separated by miles? Well, model Charlotte Proctor and her twin brother, Daniel, believe so. They've shared weird* connecting experiences for as long as they can remember... 
Charlotte's story

     The first spooky thing I can remember was when Dan and I were about four years old. I was in the house and he was out in the garden. Suddenly I got really scared and started crying for absolutely no reason. Two seconds later, Daniel came in, crying his eyes out -- he'd been stung by a wasp. It was as if I'd felt the sting as it happened.
     The strangest one of all happened when I went skiing in France. Two days before I was due to go home, I went flying and sprained my ankle. As I sat there in agony, I remember thinking of Daniel, not really knowing why. When I got home and told Dan, he just laughed and rolled up the leg of his jeans - he was bruised in exactly the same place as me! He'd done his ankle in playing rugby. Weirder still, it happened on the same day as my accident, around the same time!
     Another time, I was driving home when I saw the wreck of a car crash. For some reason my stomach flipped over -- I just knew Daniel had been involved in some way. I later found out that Dan was walking to his friend's house when the two cars collided right in front of him. The bumper of one of the cars flew off and landed about three centimetres away from him. He was really shaken up -- but even more freaked out to learn that I knew he'd been there.
Dan's story

     It's like we've got some built-in thing where we always know when the other one is unhappy, or facing some kind of threat. I remember once, about a year ago, we had this really odd experience. Charlotte and I usually go shopping together, but this particular Saturday she wasn't around, so I went on my own. Anyway, after shopping, I was just about to step on the bus to go back home when Charlotte pulled up at the bus stop in her car. She hadn't even known whether or not I'd gone into town, but she just felt she should come and look for me anyway. Three days later, we heard that that bus had been in a huge pile-up with about six other cars -- if Charlotte hadn't come and got me when she did, who knows what would have happened!
     Another time a few years earlier was even more weird. Charlotte fell off her bike and cut her knee so badly that she had to go to hospital and have stitches. Mum and I took her up to casualty and were told to wait outside the treatment room while the nurse sorted her out. But the strangest thing was, while I sat there, I swear I could feel the needle going in and out of my knee. It was terrible! I guess twins really do have this strong, strange bond.


weird - strange, puzzling, mystifying; pile up - a road accident in which several vehicles crash into each other

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