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Vocabulary - confusing words quiz(Intermediate)

Klausimas #1

Choose the correct "confusing" word from the pair to complete the sentence.
The applauded enthusiastically after the performance was finished.
I haven't seen him over five years.
the fact that it was difficult, the exam also included questions that we had never studied before.
I told my boss that I wanted a big .
The article's read "Countdown the Best School in Poland".
His opinion had no on my decision.
He down for a short nap.
Could you give me the for that wonderful dessert?
They his passport on entering the country.
Please finish your work five o'clock.
That painting by Picasso is .
Have you decided you would like to come?
You shouldn't leave litter on the ground.
I spent my evening television.
The political situation is very instable.
Art is a very subjective matter.
The car tried to the bus on the motorway.
You will just have to his decision.
Could you wait a moment? I would like stop my mother. 
Could you give me some on this problem?
Please me to pick up some bread at the market.
Joanna me 50 PLN until next Monday.
He us about his trip to Zielona Gora.
His help with the contract was .
He is a very person. He always has time to listen to people's problems.
Hania went to the library to the latest Stephen King novel.
Magda us we had made a good decision.
He the book on the table.
Unfortunately, he made quite a serious while working on the plumbing.

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