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Vocabulary - Exercise 2 (Advanced)

Klausimas #1

Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.
fabrication, concoct, prevaricate, evasive, perjure, duplicity, candid, authentic, venerable, validity, erroneous, veracious, credence, pretence, deceive.

1 - Hania is over whether to take the Cambridge FCE exam.
2 - I was by his uniform - I really thought he was a police officer.
3 - His bruises added to his statement that he had been beaten.
4 - They were accused of in their dealings with both sides.
5 - Donata kept up a of normality as long as she could.
6 - The evidence she gave in court was a complete .
7 - Just give me a straight answer, won't you, and stop the question!
8 - She has an Irish accent.
9 - He held the belief that the more it cost the better it must be.
10 - He a story about working late at the office, but I knew he was out with his secretary.
11 - Doubts were cast on the of her alibi after three people claimed to have seen her at the scene of the murder.
12 - To be with you, I've always found you very attractive.
13 - The judge warned the witness not to herself.
14 - This research seems to lend some to the theory that the drug might cause hair-loss.
15 - Robert Burns is perhaps Scotland's most poet.

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