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Vocabulary - gap-fill activities 2 (Upper Intermediate)

Klausimas #1

Trinity College was 1) by Sir Thomas Pope in 1555. A devout catholic with no surviving children, Thomas Pope saw the Foundation of an Oxford college as a means of 2) that he and his family would always be remembered in the prayers and masses of its members. He came from a family of small 3) in Oxfordshire, trained as a lawyer, and rose rapidly to prominence 4) Henry VIII. As Treasurer of the Court of Augmentations he handled the estates of the monasteries 5) at the Reformation, and amassed a considerable personal 6) . Pope was a discreet and trusted privy counsellor of Mary Tudor, and it was from Mary and Philip that he 7) Letters Patent and royal approval for his new foundation. Pope died in 1559. Although his religious 8) were never fully realised - Elizabeth I had succeeded her sister and England 9)  to the Protestant faith - nonetheless the memory of his name, like his college, has endured the fluctuating fortunes of over 400 years. His wife, Lady Elizabeth Pope, was a particularly influential 10) in Trinity's early years. Pope's foundation was for a President, twelve Fellows and twelve scholars, all supported by the income from his 11) endowment of lands, and for up to twenty undergraduates. The Fellows, all men, were required to take Holy Orders and remain unmarried. The College Statutes set out rules for a simple monastic life of religious observance and study. The Garden was an informal grove of trees, mainly elms, amongst which the members of the College could 12) and meditate.

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