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Vocabulary - phrasal verbs 2 (Upper Intermediate)

Klausimas #1

Use the correct phrasal verb to complete the phrase.
come across;blow up;make up;run out;tell off;break up;give up;take up;turn down;set off;take back;take on;put up with;go over.
If you really want to lose weight, you need to eating desserts.
Let's the grammar one more time before the test.
I was an old t-shirt when I this photograph of my high school class.
Look Magda, I've your bad behaviour long enough!
There is just too much work to be done. We'll have to some new employees.
You don't think I believe that ridiculous story you , do you?
I think you need to a new hobby to help you relax.
When the father saw what had happened he and shouted at his son.
I had to her offer of a job. The salary on offer was just not good enough.
We at six in the morning on our drive to the coast.
Jacek and Gosia last week. They just weren't happy together.
We'd better stop soon. Otherwise, we'll of gas.
I want you to every bad word you've said about my brother.
Unfortunately, I had to Bob because of his poor performance recently.

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