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Vocabulary - phrasal verbs 3 (Upper Intermediate)

Klausimas #1

Use the correct phrasal verb to complete the phrase.
get into;give up;do away with;speed up;take on;settle for;take off;get together;run up to;come up to;turn up;show up for;get away with;watch out for;go out.
Our flight was delayed, but we finally shortly after midnight.
He cheating on his final exam!
I'm trying to give up smoking, but it's almost impossible for me.
Let's with Ted and Hania soon.
Unfortunately, I late for my meeting and lost the contract.
Finally, the lights and we had a good night's sleep.
You won't believe who the party! Clint Eastwood!
I'm afraid I had to eggs and bacon. I really wanted to have pancakes, but they were out of them.
He the club on recommendation from his friend Radek.
I and past the policeman doing 120 m.p.h.!
Unfortunately, our school had to the music department because of lack of funds.
Make sure to pick-pockets when you go to the market.
The boy the man and returned his wallet.
Mary me at the party last night and introduced herself.

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