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Reading skills - TALES FROM BRITAIN

Klausimas #1


     Ann Morton,
     Stanhope House,


     Robert Poole,
     Merton College,

     Thursday, September 6
     My dearest Robert,

    At last the Fire is out. The terrible animal is dead. It died yesterday. Tuesday was the worst day for the Fire. On Tuesday night, we lost St Paul's Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in London.
     We had to leave Martha's house, but it was very difficult. Martha refused to leave until the last moment, and my uncle went to help a lady friend. My uncle's always helping ladies. He said he knew I was strong and would do everything right. I'm sure I'm wrong, but I felt my uncle wasn 't very interested in us.
     Well, I tried to do my best. Mother was frightened and she is old now, and Martha was crying like a child. We went through the sreets in a carriage. It was like being in a War! There were thousands of people shouting, the City was as hot as an oven and stones from the Cathedral exploded and flew through the air like big red bullets. Iron from the Cathedral roof ran down the street like a white river. I passed a public water tap and saw steam coming out of it. We hurried to the River Thames and I found a boat with a lot of people, but they would not let us on. O offered them money but they laughed and said they preferred to live. The Fire was screaming behind us and my back felt very hot. Both Mother and Martha were crying.
     I said to myself, 7 will not die. I WILL NOT DIE!'
     I pushed Martha into the boat, then I picked up Mother in my arms and jumped in, too. A man tried to push me out, so I hit him hard in the face! Well, the other people left us alone then. I paid the Boatman to stop the boat at Greenwich which is a town a few miles down the Thames and is safe from Fire. We got to the Greenwich house at three o'clock in the morning. I turned to look at the City. It was one enormous ring of Fire.
     Robert, can you understand? I was never so alive before, I never knew myself so well. God forgive me, I was never so excited!
     I love you.

Which statements are true (YES) and which are false (NO)?

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